Tuesday, September 12 Is NYC Mayoral Primary Day

The New York City mayoral election is on November 7th, 2017, and although that’s still several weeks away, the primaries are within days.

Curbed NY has provided you with a quick and dirty rundown for NYC’s 2017 mayoral primary election.  Click on the candidates names below to be taken to their official website.

In the September 12 primaries, registered Democrats will be voting for their candidate from a relatively wide pool including incumbent mayor Bill de Blasio, Sal Albanese, Richard Bashner, Robert Gangi, and Michael Tolkin.

Republican candidate Nicole Malliotakis is currently running uncontested within the party. That means there is technically no Republican primary election.

In addition to the Democrat and Republican parties, New York state recognizes the Conservative, Working Families, Independence, Green, Women’s Equality, and Reform parties. Candidates are not restricted to only running for one party; Bill de Blasio is also the Working Families party candidate, Nicole Malliotakis is also the Conservative party candidate, and Sal Albanese is also the Reform party candidate.

Additional candidates running in the 2017 NYC mayoral election include Green party candidate Akeem Browder.

Voters wishing to participate in the primary must be a citizen of the United States; be a New York City resident for at least 30 days; be 18 before the next election; not be serving a jail sentence or on parole for a felony conviction; not be adjudged mentally incompetent by a court; and not claim the right to vote elsewhere (outside of New York City.)

Find additional information about the mayoral election here. For a full calendar of the New York Board of Election deadlines, head this way.  For help with all of your tax or real estate matters, contact us today.

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