Think Your Landlord Is Mean? Be Thankful He isn't Jared Kushner

Garnished wages, legal harassment, misleading accusations – these are just some of the ways Jared Kushner would make your life difficult.

Kushner Companies, the family business of Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s son-in-law and chief advisor, has real estate worth in the hundreds of millions of dollars.  This is common knowledge.  What might be less known is that in addition to multi-million dollar properties in Manhattan and Brooklyn, since 2011, subsidiaries of Kushner Companies, bought 20,000 low-income housing apartments in 34 complexes in Maryland, Ohio and New Jersey.

And, apparently, these tenants know quite well how Kushner looks out for the least fortunate among us.  An investigation for The New York Times Magazine and ProPublica, reveals that Kushner’s real estate company aggressively sues tenants for the smallest infractions despite ignoring maintenance needs, and pursues judgments even when the tenant seems to have been in the right.

One of the company’s beliefs appears to be that “one way to make sure that tenants are paying their rent and to keep them from breaking leases early … is to instill a sense of fear about violating a lease,” says the Times reporter.

Kushner’s harsh treatment of tenants appears to align with his father-in-law, and president, Donald Trump’s way of doing business.  Last month, Mr. Trump was asked what aspects of his previous life were at odds with his role as president. “Well in business, you don’t necessarily need heart,” he said. “In fact, in business you’re actually better off without it.”

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