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What Does it Mean to Pay Yourself First?

posted by on 04 October, 2017

Paying yourself first is one of the best ways to save money.

What Trump's Tax Plan Means For You

posted by on 03 October, 2017

Last week, President Donald Trump added some meat to the bare-bones tax overhaul his team unveiled earlier this year.  The new nine-page document is still lacking in specifics, however, it does give Americans more information on how his proposed tax overhaul will affect them. 

How Your Housing Costs Can Tell If You're Living Beyond Your Means

posted by on 27 September, 2017

Burdensome housing costs are one of three signs that you may be living beyond your means.

The Corner Bodega — A New York Staple — Is Under Attack

posted by on 20 September, 2017

A tech-startup, founded by two ex-Google employees, wants to replace your local bodegas with their autonomous vending machines, also called Bodegas.

The Crazy Real Estate Boom Taking Over Flatbush Avenue

posted by on 14 September, 2017

This Brooklyn couple had to make a choice, see how their choice and similar choices are changing one of Brooklyn's most iconic avenues.