Who We are your honest, consistent and reliable Agent:

Real Estate

Waterman Realty seeks to make the process of buying your first home a relief for clients, offering
them such great service that all their fears associated with the process will disappear. Through
this, Waterman Realtors hopes to make home ownership, and the financial, emotional and
psychological value that comes with it, happen to as many people as possible. Ideally, the ideas
and process of how customers are treated at Waterman Realty will be shared with similarly-
minded real estate agents in other towns and states so that the reach of the company’s
impact goes well beyond its locale.

Through simple language and some probing questions, the real estate agent will unearth the
couples desires for their home as well as their fears. The Waterman Realty agent seems to have
seen it all before yet does not come off as cocky or dismissive of these fears – such as the
couples fear of being taken advantage of, of buying more home than they can afford, of learning
about issues with the home only after the closing, or of spending more than they should. On the
contrary, the Waterman Realty agent will provide information and assistance that shows the
couple from the start that there is no need to be exceedingly anxious through this process. That
anxiety will slip away as the couple’s trust for their agent builds and it will be replaced by a
feeling of excitement and adventure as the couple starts to see each home as a possibility.


Our Preparers seeks to ensure that our client minds are relief of the stress the of a likely audit
from the IRS. Our job is to prepare your taxes and ensure that you either receive your refund or
that your bill is paid giving you a peace of mind. But it doesn’t stop there, in case of a likely
audit we will go through the process with you. Our duty as your preparer is to continuous update
of our knowledge, and to follow best practice.

We are your honest, consistent and reliable Agents!

Our Team

Trevor Waterman – President
Joel Francois – Accounts Asst
Travon Austin – Real Estate Agent
Akail Sylvester – Real Estate Agent
Glory Rush – Real Estate Assistant
Travis Antrobus – Web/Marketing Assistant

Our Mission

Is to make the process of obtaining an apartment, home or filing taxes a stress-free process for
our clients, while maintaining our goal to be honest, consistent and reliable!

Why choose us

Waterman Realty and Tax Pro, LLC provides honest and fair services to all clients. At the core,
Waterman Realty and Tax Pro, LLC provide services to all individuals without discrimination, helping
them with their peace of mind, resting assured that their work is in good hands.