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Trevor Waterman has twenty years of accounting experience. His career started in 1997 after he landed his first accounting job not long after he graduated from the University of Guyana at National Hardware (Guy) Limited. The University of Guyana offers a wide program in accounting to enable its students to be able to function effectively in any organization.

Trevor achieved great successes at UG. He was appointed Treasurer of the Guyana Congregational Young People’s Union and The Guyana Congregational Union, where he offered professional advice on a range of issues from auditing, investment, and financial performance and position. He later was appointed Supervisor for National Hardware (Guy) Limited, where he advised management on the profitability on each product purchase for resale.

Moving to the United States of America via a faith-oriented program about it Trevor was able to be train in the field of Taxation and Real Estate from Hillaire Temple (COGIC). Through that program he developed the philosophy that: ‘accounting is an art’. That philosophy is the foundation for his professional process that requires an analysis of every aspect of a financial transaction before making an informed and professional decision.

In 2015, Trevor Waterman founded Waterman Realty and Tax Pro, LLC, after twenty years of employment. With Waterman Realty and Tax Pro, LLC, Trevor Waterman and his team promise to be: “Honest, Consistent, & Reliable” in their duty to their customers in the various services that they provide. Trevor Waterman is currently married to Mrs. Carla Da Silva-Waterman, who is a shareholder of the company.


Waterman Realty and Tax Pro, LLC consists of an all-rounded team, with exceptional knowledge and expertise in the Realty, immigration and business services field. They are dedicated to getting you what you are looking for and giving you the expert advice you deserved. The team has come together to play the role of an extension to all clients of Waterman Realty and Tax Pro, LLC.

Trevor Waterman



Darwine McPherson

Management Assistant


Joel Francois

Accounts Asst


Glory Rush

Real Estate Assistant


Travis Antrobus

Web/Marketing Assistant


Is to make the process of obtaining an apartment, home or filing taxes a stress-free process for our clients, while maintaining our goal to be honest, consistent and reliable!


Waterman Realty and Tax Pro, LLC provides honest and fair services to all clients. At the core, Waterman Realty and Tax Pro, LLC provide services to all individuals without discrimination, helping them with their peace of mind, resting assured that their work is in good hands.

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